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Apia Lua Construction Company Limited is one of the oldest, long serving and very experienced Civil Works & Building Construction Company ever established in Savaii during and after the Public Works era. We have vast experience and specialties in following works to name a few: -

Project SSCC Cable Storage Wasrehouse under Construction, Steel Structure completed.jpg
Crusher Operation Yard with Stockpiles of Aggregates and Black Sand..jpg
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Civil Infrastructure Works

  • Construct and chip seal new roads and related drainages and driveways with concrete headwalls,

  • Reconstructed main roads and upgrade related road furniture,

  • Construct seawalls, river rock walls and major boat ramps

  • Construct highway bridges and major box culverts bridges,

  • Construct main water pipe trenching and intake constructions with water systems pressure testing and commissioning,

  • Trenching for underground communication and power cables,

  • Land clearance and fill to specified benchmark levels,

  • Asphalt sealing of car parks and roads,

  • Concrete paving of car parks and properties,


Building Infrastructure  Works

  • Construction of any building projects big or small

  • Any major concrete works


Company Daily  Operations & Services  

  • Quarry & Crusher Plant Operation

  • Asphalt Plant and Sealing Operation

  • Concrete Patching Plant Operation

  • Concrete Blocks & Concrete Culvert Pipes Manufacture Operation

  • Mechanical Engineering Workshop Operation

  • Available for Hire with Operators - 

  1. Excavators of Various Sizes, Graders, Steel Drum Rollers and other Earthwork Moving Machineries

  2. 6-Wheelers and 10-Wheelers Tip Trucks

  3. 6-Wheelers and 10-Wheelers Flat Deck Trucks

  4. 6-Wheeler and 10-Wheeler HIAB Crane Trucks

  5. 25Tonne Heavy Duty Crane Truck

  6. Side Lifters and Container Transporter Trucks

  7. Rubbish Collection Readymade Compactor Trucks

  8. Transporter Trailer Trucks

At ApiaLua, your wish is our command. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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